Adult Mental Health Services

We specialize in adolescent mental health care, however the treatment team has years of experience with all clients of all ages. The Center utilizes comprehensive and innovative treatment approaches to ensure our clients receive compassionate care. As we work with clients and learn to understand their needs, we adjust our services so that every treatment plan is specifically developed and highly personalized for that individual. The most popular services we offer include:

· Psychological evaluations,
· Psycho-social assessments,
· Individual therapy,
· Group therapy,
· Family counselling,
· Skills groups,
· Support groups,
· Sobriety groups,
· Parenting classes,
· Case management,
· Home-based services,
· Psychiatric consultation,
· Other applicable services.

Our team of trained professionals has over 18 years of experience, working with clients, many of whom who have suffered severe trauma and have extreme behavioral or medical issues that require highly specialized care. Common issues are:

· Addiction issues,
· ADHD or attention issues,
· Adoption issues,
· Anger management,
· Anxiety or panic attacks,
· Bipolar disorder,
· Borderline personality disorder,
· Conduct/Disruptive disorder,
· Depression,
· Dissociative disorder,
· Domestic violence,
· Eating and food issues,
· Grief/loss,
· Marriage/Couples counselling,
· Obsessive compulsive disorder,
· Panic disorder,
· Phobias,
· Sex and sexuality issues,
· Trauma or abuse.

The treatment team includes Psychologists, Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors, Licensed Social Workers, and psychology/counseling/social work interns. We have an affiliation agreement with a psychiatrist for cases in which psychoactive medication is deemed warranted.