The Adolescent Center and Mental Health Services Philosophy

We specialize in adolescent mental health care, however the treatment team has years of experience with all clients of all ages. The Center utilizes comprehensive and innovative treatment approaches to ensure our clients receive compassionate care. As we work with clients and learn to understand their needs, we adjust our services so that every treatment plan is specifically developed and highly personalized for that individual.

Company Description

The Adolescent Center and Mental Health Services is a multidisciplinary intervention and treatment center that specializes in adolescent behavior health services, but not limited to that population. Our treatment team has years of experience working with various mental health conditions and training in empirical modalities that are effective. The services offered by the center include individual/group/family therapy, psychological testing, psycho-social assessments, support groups, case management, medication consultation, and long-term mental health treatment plans.

Treatment Program

Our clinicians and professionals specialize in adolescents (ages 10 – 21) treatment and services. Upon intake, clients will be asked to complete a comprehensive assessment to determine which program will best meet their needs. After the assessment is reviewed by our team the client will meet with an assigned clinician for either a psychological evaluation or psycho-social assessment. Once the findings of the psychological evaluation and/or assessment are determined, the case is staffed and a treatment plan will be developed. The treatment plan includes but not be limited to individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, skills groups, support groups, sobriety groups, parenting classes, case management, home-based services, school advocacy (i.e. requesting an ARD meeting), psychiatric consultation, and other applicable services. Once a treatment plan is developed the parent and client are asked to sign a commitment to participate in the program. Throughout this process, The Adolescent Center gathers pre-test data to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment plan in addressing its therapeutic goals. Once the plan has been implemented within its suggested timeline for treatment a post-test will be administered. The cases will be staffed to determine if continued treatment is needed and/or revision to the treatment plan. The outpatient services offered by The Adolescent Center are highly specialized, empirically-based, and specifically designed to the client’s mental health needs. Our case management component assists with needs other than mental health services (i.e. psycho-social concerns) that have been identified. Although we recognize that these services are sometimes presented as separate and distinct aspects of the treatment continuum, our experience has taught us they are complementary and often necessary for the improvement of an individual’s overall emotional health and well-being. The treatment team includes Psychologists, Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors, Licensed Social Workers, and psychology/counseling/social work interns. We have an affiliation agreement with a psychiatrist for cases in which psychoactive medication is deemed warranted.